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June 13, 2003

He continues with another thought.

Theory #2:

Perhaps the Prophets are not intent on destroying us. Maybe they want to dwindle our numbers, low enough to "manage", but high enough to have genetic variability. That might be how they absorb a species. Almost wipe them out, then capture the rest. When they reproduce, the Prophets, or other Covenant, take the young, and raise them to belive the religeon of the Prophets. Of course, this would not explain why the Prophets would go to the trouble of fabricating this holy war. It seems clear that the rest of the Covenant belive Humans are "vermin", and want us dead. Or maybe they want US dead, so they could "create" a new Human race, one that would belive what they do.

The holy war idea might not be as far-fetched as all that. The Elites, after all, clearly disdain both the Jackals and the Grunts. Throw us in there as more cannon fodder and we'd fit right in. The mighty and noble human race, enslaved? Shackled to the Covenant Empire, forever at the mercy of their hateful, alien masters? Never!

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