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June 13, 2003

The Flood just can't take the pressure... or the lack of it in space, as the case may be.

Nate (Uukla the Mok) Emch ( writes:

Kareem Ramos wrote "We have yet to see if the Flood can survive in space..." to which Finn replied "As for the vacuum resilience of the Flood, for our sake let us hope we find them quite vulnerable." From my observations the chances of the Flood being able to survive in a vacuum would be even less than that of a human. Let me explain my reasoning:

When you shoot or melee a Flood infection (their "true" form) they "pop" or explode, and they do so with enough force to start a chain reaction of explosions amongst themselves. Logic would dictate that this points towards the Flood having some sort of gas under a significant amount of pressure within their bodies. In a vacuum this gas would most certainly exert intolerable amounts of pressure causing the Flood to explode (and thus, die).

True, the ranger form seems as if it would be susceptible to the depressurization of space. However, is there not a spore form that may be more tenacious?

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