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February 1, 2002

Ahh. The sweet smell of speculation...

Alan Wu ( writes:

This message raises an interesting question: what exactly does Keyes get turned into? We know that it's a form of the Flood, yet it is rather large (larger than any we have seen before). Besides, what is Keyes doing on the ship? There is also a question of how long it takes the Flood to mutate a host. In the 343 Guilty Spark level, you are told that Keyes and his men arrived at the swamp about 12 hours before. You go in and find the Flood, including some Marines-turned-into-Flood (I think). Several hours after you first encounter the Flood, you board the Covenant cruiser to save Keyes. He is still somewhat human (until you find him, then he's a Flood). But why the time difference? After 12 hours, infected Marines are Flood warriors, yet Keyes is still partially human after 12+ hours. Is it because the Flood know that Keyes is somehow special and interrogated/tortured him in order to gain information before turning him into a Flood?

Alan Wu

Attached you will find a file that fulfills the dearest dream of most, if not all, Halo players. At least if it isn't in Halo 2, Halo fans can still enjoy the fulfillment of their dearest dream. ;) (It can be used as an AIM buddy icon if you're so inclined)

The file Alan mentions can be found here. Nice work!

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