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June 24, 2003

What to Think...

Silock, the cannibalistic squirrel ( writes:

Just like to point out that while in FoR, it does say that the PoA has only 3 Pelican dropships (including Foe Hammer). In The Flood, the book does say that there were, indeed, 4 Pelicans. That puts somewhat of a damper on hopes that maybe people escaped Reach.

Perhaps. The designations of the Pelicans we hear of in The Flood are as follows: Echo 419 (Foe Hammer), Charlie 217 (the Covenant infiltrator), Bravo 22, Echo 136, and Echo 206. And while it is difficult to calculate the combined flight itineraries of the Pelicans, with Foe Hammer and another unnamed dropship inserting troops for the Silent Cartographer mission while at least 2 other dropships are hauling supplies to and from the Pillar of Autumn, Charlie 217 manifesting out of thin air above and beyond the previously noted numbers, and considering also the Captain's swamp insertion (and the subsequent loss of that dropship), it seems there are more Pelicans on Halo than initially realized.

The distinct dropships seen in-game however are Echo 419 (throughout), V933 (crashed in swamp), another Echo 419 (crashed on AotCR), and Bravo 22 (shown again as V933 crashed in the SC), though serial duplication on the SC makes an accurate count difficult to come by.

Page 316 of The Flood notes that 3 of the 4 dropships the Humans had left were being used to haul troops to the Truth and Reconciliation. To amalgamate (if possible), taking into account the Pelicans V933 (carrying Keyes; crashed in swamp), another Echo 419 (carrying Fire Team Zulu; crashed on AotCR, though not mentioned in the book), Charlie 217 (destroyed on Alpha Base), and Bravo 22 (shown in-game as V933; crashed in the SC), conservative estimates still tally at least 8 Pelicans...

Curiouser and curiouser.

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