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June 24, 2003

And continuing on the subject of Guilty Spark/Human relations:

AOClaus ( writes:

Something else I find a rather large coincidence if it is one, is that 343 GS specifically refers to the Chief as human in The Library. It could be argued that†he learned of the name through some sort of database, but if the Cole Protocol was properly executed then he would have no way of obtaining such information prior to his tapping Cortana's database. He may also have heard it from†a marine, but GS is only ever written as having been seen by another human being other than the Chief in the persons of Foe Hammer and her co-pilot just as he was about to meet the Chief (he stared at Foe Hammer through the cockpit window while she was in the dropship. The only other possibility would be that the other "reclaimer" [Mobuto]. Even if the first reclaimer [Mobuto] was to have told GS the name of his race GS would still have no reference by which to gauge the Chief's behavior when he tells him to "stop being human" etc.

Considering the selective nature of the Cole Protocol, there a more than a few possible explanations of 343's knowledge of Humanity:

2) 343 has monitored Human activity prior to their landing on Halo: Hmmm...

2) 343 has monitored Human activity since their landing on Halo: ?

3) 343 has learned about Humanity through a reading of Human computer systems: True, but as mentioned by Ryan, he is in the know before his pilfering on The Maw.

4) 343 has been informed of Humanity through a reading of various Covenant databases, perhaps on a downed ship or as Covenant Engineers scoured Halo's systems: ??

5) Humanity is old school. We may not know it, but whether we are Forerunner, a client race, or an old arch rival we have been around for a long, long time.

Inexhaustive I'm sure :)

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