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June 24, 2003

Dan ( writes:

Reclaimer is just the name GS uses for the tool he is using to reactivate Halo. In HTF, 343 GS tells the MC about a marine sergeant that tried and failed to get the index under his direction. 343 GS refers to him as a reclaimer also. In the beginning of the Two Betrayals, 343 GS says that if the MC will not help him then he will simply find another. Moreover the Library level is littered (?) with marine bodies and there is no evidence of Covenant whatsoever. This means 343 GS never used the Covenant to act as "reclaimers." The Library seems to be pretty inaccessible to anyone other than 343 GS or the Flood, who we learn in HTF, move about Halo so easily by using shafts and ducts that run the length of Halo. Marines would not be wandering around the Library as it seems to be difficult to get to and the Covenant never found it. If the Covenant were a Forerunner race, then 343 GS would try to use them to reactivate Halo as well. Surely they would follow a being from the ringworld they so religiously revere. 343 GS used the MC and other Marines simply because humans were the Forerunner.

Humanity does seem to have the Reclaimer market cornered at this point ;)

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