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June 24, 2003

Safety First!

Ryan ( writes:

Somebody else noted that the GS 343ìs Sentinels were pretty damn weak compared to what it was actually facing, but consider this?He wasnìt allowed to handle the Index and maybe he wasnìt allowed access to the bigger toys either without, um, Forerunner intervention. After all, you donìt give the Marine Private free reign of the armory, nor did Cortana have certain access codes to make a certain ship go boom. Then again, Halo seems to have only one purpose. To stop a galaxy-wide flood infestation. Otherwise you figure itìd be equipped with heavier local weaponry. †

On that note, I tend to disagree that GS343 is as devious as popular opinion seems to dictate. GS343 assumed one highly flawed fact?That MC was THE Reclaimer, someone or something it had known in the past. And with that assumption goes an entire line of logic; That the Reclaimer should be given access to the vital systems (the Index) and he knows what heìs doing. He should even know what heìs about to do will not only wipe out the flood, but all life as well. After all? Heìs done it once before. GS343 even suffers a certain amount of disillusionment once his buddy the Reclaimer starts acting funny. Nothing necessarily sinister or tricky here, just a massive misunderstanding.

But it goes deeper than that. Even as youìre attempting to detonate the PoA, GS343 is running rampant through the human data banks, enjoying every moment of itìs assimilation that will fill in their lost time. So consider the facts now? GS343 has access to a large store of human data. He has made the correlation between the MC and this Data. And he STILL thinks the MC is his Reclaimer, albeit a malfunctioning one. I would venture that GS343 knows what a human is and has seen them before. It knew that the MCs armor was merely armor with a self contained environmental unit, not the body itself. Somehow, I donìt think GS343 is making any mistakes as to MCìs race, simply his identity and role on Halo. Could Humanities separation from Halo have to do with the last Flood outbreak? Inquiring minds want to know.

Indeed they do. Desperately so. Alright, obsessively.

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