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June 24, 2003

Further analysis of the installation found on the level 343 Guilty Spark:

Ryan7 ( writes:

If we look at the installation in 343 Guilty Spark, the whole place is reminiscent of a prison/lab. Think about it - when you pass through those passages that link the rooms (such as the one you go through before meeting the traumatized marine) there are two small rooms on each side with locked doors, almost like cells or holding pens. They even have a grate in the floor which could be a drain (do the flood go to the bathroom?!)

Also, the larger rooms are separated into two levels. It is possible that the lower level housed flood samples while the forerunner observed them from the higher "viewing platforms". And what of the large, glass-walled cases you see in some rooms? Could these have once housed flood samples for observation or experimentation? If the above two points are true, the forerunner didn't bank on the flood's climbing abilities. ;)

Or, as has been previously asserted, perhaps they had been examining the Flood in a less... how should we say, volatile state.

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