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June 24, 2003

Sympathy for the Devil

It seems that in the midst of all the aura and mystery surrounding the Forerunner, there is a feeling of animosity often hanging overhead; a few hard feelings. What gave/gives them the right to sacrifice the lives of all sentient life in this galaxy? With all their technology, couldn't they find another way? Why is extermination the only answer? Bob offers us a slightly more sympathetic perspective:

Bob Dole ( writes:

First of think of the flood as an advanced stage of cancer. Cancer with a conscious and malicious nature. Image this cancer as sentient and able to travel from one solar system to the other. Now imagine if you are one of the Forerunners? There is a sentient and highly contagious contagion running throughout the stars. All the lesser races are infected or already mutated by this highly evolving race. What do you do? Simple kill everything that's not you. It would be impractical to kill every flood spore and warrior drone, since there are probably trillions of them. The Forerunners were probably losing, or already infected, so what did they have to loose. No more "us", or the Forerunners, but no more "food" for the spore dudes. The last guardians of these ring worlds contained what flood they could for experimentation before they fell to old age or infection themselves.

Merely hastening the inevitable; euthanasia on a galactic scale...

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