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July 2, 2003

Darl & Pam Rantz ( writes:

I read the first theory on the story page about the flood. It said that halo was a fortress world that separated the rich and poor. He theorized that the Flood had been created by the Forerunner to control the poor. I thought that the forerunner could be drastically different from humans. What if the "poor" were the Flood. The forerunner could be the upper-class and the flood could be the lower-class. Even the forunner could look like the flood and actually BE the flood. HALO: The Flood says that another 'reclaimer' attempted to get the index and MC found his body. He was a heck of a marine... The reason why 343GS chose MC and another marine to be the reclaimer could have been because on the upper-class forerunner/flood could obtain hosts. There are tons of possibilities from there. Maybe the flood/forerunner was symbiotic with a non sentient host the was farmed on the surface of halo like cows. The flood could've been studied because they had developed some disease or genetic defect. Forerunner using their own poor as test subjects for a cure(like lab rats). Not ethical to us, but like I said, they aren't us.Theres plenty to go on thinking about from here but i'm leaving that up to whoever reads this, if anybody.

We know that there were ambient life forms in earlier versions of Halo. Could one of these be the "non sentient hosts" mentioned here?

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