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July 2, 2003

Bruce Hollowell-Geddes ( writes:

In other speculations the question of why the flood are on installation 4 rather then anything else, especially as 004 is often suggested to be the '4th best' halo. I have come up with the following suggestions:

1) The flood outbreak started on a habited planet near 004, and so the forerunners promptly gathered up the flood and locked them up in the nearest halo. This would be for saftey purposes so as not to fly a vessel with the flood on 50 000 light years and risk another infection. After quarantining the flood on halo it may have been activated to 'mop up' any survivors, as it would not nessecerily infect the rings inhabitents. This would also kill life on all nearby planets explaining why here is no known life near halo. The collection of the flood could have been for research into methods of reversing the process.

2) The flood outbreak happened somewhere else, but 004 was the only halo with adequate research facilities to observe the flood and try to develop 'cures'.

3) Halo is a weapon, and presumably the Forerunners will have had some kind of military organisation to control its use. It could be a military research centre, much like area 51. The flood could be from a system unkown t the forerunners, and upon capturing specimins they were taken to the installation for research. This research could be either for stopping the flood or as a weapon if the forerunners had enimies (presumably they did or had as they developed weaponary eg on sentinals). The weapon on halo could have always been there, pehaps to protect the installation- it doesnt have to be fired 25000 light years (343GS says the pulses maximum range is 25000) or developed as the forerunners believed that it was the only way to stop the flood. The military installation theory might explain two things others have speculated on: The pulses on Halo (the level) bear an uncanny resemblance to Cov. pistols and could be large anti ship versions. Secondly a lot of structures on halo-the map room, control room phase pulse generators etc are hidden in the sides of mountains and underground, in the same way military bunkers are.

Interesting observation on the term "'maximum' range." After all, we're told the Halo is not a cudgel, so perhaps it's not too outrageous to imagine that it could be fired with a (possibly significant) degree of precision. Remember, we're only following 343 Guilty Spark's "containment protocols." There might be other protocols that we haven't been informed of. ;-)

Good stuff!

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