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July 2, 2003

Zack Stambo ( writes:

I've always been interested in your site since i first stumbled upon it but i've never wanted to get too complex with my thought on the halo storyline future, but now im turning over a new leaf with this idea being submitted to you. So, 343 Guilty Spark is an Artificial and/or Actual Intelligence based creation, but he does not seem to resemble any of the artistic signatures of forerunner or covenant creations: 1) he is just a plain metal and has no other present colors on him such as the usual purple and dark blue. 2) he does not seem to be powered by any unusual alien power source and seems to rely on an electrical field to both float and interact which is obvious on the Maw when he is accessing the computer information from remote ports.3) not as important of a point but his language seems to be based on english seeing as he does not communicate with the flood(who could though) or the covenant. And if he is an artificial intelligence based creation then he would have advanced scanning/formula based recognition techniques and he would recognize the master chief as not wielding any forerunner/ covenant symbols and he would recognize him as a seperate life form. My opinion from all of these facts are that 343 Guilty spark was brought to Halo from a past incident in which the humans were overrun and killed and 343 Guilty Spark was left to float around in Halo and absorb it's information, developing his behavioural blocks from accessing the Halo information, probably a failsafe created by the Forerunner.

Forced insanity as a fail-safe? Deucedly clever!

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