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July 4, 2003

Zoidberg ( writes:

Ok so here it is.

As we all know the covenant are adaptive. They can take someone else's technology and back engineer it to work with their existing equipment. As much as this process has helped them in the past, I believe it to be the covenants Achilles heel.

Going ship for ship, man for "man", bullet for bullet just isn't working. All we get from that are spectacular failures.

Now in the real world, war has always brought upon technological advancement. I'm willing to believe that to be true here as well. Some agency, somewhere has been hard at work creating a doomsday device (it shall be codenamed: Giant Rabbit) or something like that. Well whatever it is, it'll be the most technologically advanced piece of equipment that we humans have. This would be appealing to the covenant.

But we shall have built in a subtle yet deadly flaw, or Trojan horse of some kind.

As they'll be fighting all over the planet they wont have time for detailed analysis of the device. The flaw would be over looked. Because it is of importance to the covenant they'd probably move it to their 'mother' ship, the one co-ordinating the attack. Then when they bring it aboard their ship or try to use it, the flaw kicks in and BOOM go the covenant.

That would take out the immediate threat to earth. And with the preliminary reports and schematics for this new device having been sent back to their central command, they start production, then soon all ships could be equipped with the device, and all we have to do is wait for them to press that big red button 'FIRE'.

That's plausible isn't it? Because surely they'll inherit any flaws that exist in technology they steal? Simply because they won't know how to fix it.

And if that doesn't work...we could always build a giant badger.

But how do we know that the Covenant haven't already built a giant badger, huh? Didn't think of that, did you?

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