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July 5, 2003

Dienekes Homework

Sam K ( writes:

I'm afraid I haven't read the FoR, so I'm not too familiar with the particulars of the MC's history. But I'll go ahead and give you guys the information to sort through and my own conclusions. Earlier I saw some connections made between MC and the Spartans, particularly Dienekes, so I did a little research. The state determined whether Spartan children were strong enough to be permitted to live in their society at birth. Dienekes was not one of them. Dienekes was abandoned as a child to die of exposure on the beaches of the sea. Poseidon spared his life and kept him alive and gave him an understanding of the sea. Dienekes was returned to Sparta at the age of seven to train in the Agogue and become a soldier (note: the same age [more or less] that the MC was when he was brought into the Spartan-II program). Training for him as any other Spartan was difficult and extremely effective. Dienekes became a Spartan soldier at the age of 20, 13 years later. He would participate in multiple battles and tried to build his skill with the element of water. Dienekes tried to bring glory to himself by going to the lands of Ragnarok and conquering the people there. (that last sentence I cannot vouche for definitely, because I have only read it in a website and not in the history books.) He finally died at Thermopylae where he was outflanked and horribly outnumbered by the Persians.

These are most of the facts, I'm afraid I can't say I've gotten them all. I couldn't find much about the Ragnarok thing. Anyway, The intense training begining in early age sounds a lot like the MC, and you guys might draw a few conclusions of your own about it all. I think it may just be coincidence, but Bungie seems to be big on connections. This could be one of them.

"Big on connections," sheesh. Talk about an understatement. ;-)

Nice job!

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