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July 6, 2003

"They came to search through the devastation of the ancient war in which they had been enslaved, to find a weapon or some piece of knowledge with which they could fight back against their oppressors."

Kevin ( writes:

Here's an interesting idea for y'all. Throughout the game on Halo, we see loads of different environments. What we don't see is anything that could be considered as 'living areas', where the Forerunner would sleep (if they need to sleep), and generally hang around when they're not experimenting with the Flood or whatever else they do. So, were they on the Halo at all?

It is true that only a very small portion of the ring was explored during our time there. What other clefts and nooks may have held secrets and curious gadgetry? What other answers could have been found, what new questions uncovered?

We may yet see. Word is that a piece of Installation 04 will be revisited in the sequel. But to what end...

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