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July 6, 2003

When good rebuttals go bad!

What started out as a routine response turned ugly earlier today when blithe calculations inadvertently exposed a significant numerical variance in dates. Ghastly in its unexpectedness!

Kiara577 ( writes:

First, all you people speculating that Beowulf/Durandal/Hero is talking to/about Cortana I feel is wrong. In FoR it says that Cortana was created in the likeness of Dr. Halsey around the year 2552. That is when Master Chief is first introduced to the real MJOLNIR armor. The Marathon supposedly launched in 2209 and I assume (never having played the game) that Durandal was on it. That would mean that Durandal was talking about an AI from 343 years in the future. This would be impossible.

When have impossible premises ever hindered the submission of email? ;)

And a 343 year time difference to boot; spooky :)

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