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July 24, 2003

Jesse Price ( writes:

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but could the Marathon universe, starting with Pathways, tie-in with Halo? Let's go through this.

The "unnamed god" crashes into our planet millions of years ago, and the Jjaro come to deal with it after the events of P.I.D. Then, the Marathon games take place and Durandal is left to escape the end of the universe. Let's say that the Jjaro are the Forerunner in the Halo series, and disappeared with the rest of the universe when the previous reclaimer activated the installation. In so many words, the idea here is that Durandal presumably sent the cyborg from Marathon to a Halo (not necessarily 04) in his attempt to escape the closure of the universe. This wipes out all life in the effective radius of all the installations. So, (and I realize this is rather far-fetched) *deep breath* evolutionrestartsonearthandleadstohumanityresearchingmanyifnotallof


If Mr. Security Officer was the reclaimer that GS refers to with the line, "Last time you asked me..." then I wonder why he (we) asked that question at all? For all the Marathon players out there, did you ever stop to ponder your actions on a galactic scale? ;-)

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