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July 24, 2003

Edward Shinai Purugganan ( writes:

Now, there has been much speculation on the weather being used to protect Halo's systems either from the Flood itself, or maybe intruders, such as the Humans and the Covenant, and I believe they're correct. Yet I think there's more to just burying canyons in snow. Jonathan Pratt (July 5,2003) made some serious speculation about the blue streaks and the weather using snow to bury the control center in AotCR and other people in the past have also mentioned the tubes/pipes/ducts seen in AotCR. Now the snow may not be as effective as a deterrent against technologically advanced forces, but maybe for the Flood, but the pipes seem to decend farther than the ground, which might leave one to wonder: just how deep does this canyon go, and also, what exactly is filled up in the canyon? We know that parts of Halo have an extreme elevation like "Halo" and T&R, so we know its possible that these canyons are extremely deep. I speculate tha! t the tubes/pipes/ducts transport water and also possibly a substance that might generate a deep freeze on that water to create ice. Another consideration should be that the Flood were kept deep inside Halo, and the Forerunner made Halo to have their systems on higher levels and their experimental labs(which are most dangerous) on the extreme lower levels. Along with this, they created accessways to send constructs, such as Sentinels, down below to protect themselves from the Flood, effectively contain the Flood, and observe/experiment on them at the same time. Now back to the ducts with water, maybe their measure to contain the Flood, in case of an outbreak, was to fill the canyons with water and possible other areas, and freeze that water in order to hinder the Flood from expanding to higher levels. Since we know that the Flood would attempt to change the atmosphere (thanks to 343GS) the ice could probably isolate the lower levels for the Forerunner to figure out a solutio! n and take care of the problem, maybe send Sentinels through accessways which they didn't freeze. Ice seems to be more reasonable as a defensive measure and it seems likely that this is true, since 343GS said that Halo has been used before and while going to the control room in AotCR you find that the there is still a considerable amount of ice still present, possibly because they used the "ice isolation" measure before to contain the Flood. Halo is supposed to wipe out all life in a radius or something(I forgot) light years, but that doesn't mean that it would destroy life on Halo. Those portals on the outside edges of Halo, I believe, are the firing mechanisms which obliterate life, and maybe access-ports for ships or containment vechiles. To sum it all up: yes, the weather is a fail-safe measure, and that measure is to freeze out the Flood from higher levels, and to prevent life being assimilated by the Flood.

It's been long, but this is the short, expansion-part, conspiracy theory of the weather. It's not know whether Forerunner had a "civilian" population on Halo, or that they have one at all. However, if they did have a society that has different structures like our own, they might have wanted to keep experiments a secret. Thus, they hide them in lower levels and use weather as a fail-safe, instead of weapons. Sentinels could have been robotic assistants for anything, and be adapted to be used as containment robots, or anything else. So, the secret of the Flood is kept. For what reason? That's open to plenty of speculation by the masses... :) A note to everyone: just don't think the weather we have is some secret government control system to keep things in order and hide us from the truth.. or maybe we should... ;)

I don't know about that. That weather here has been pretty weird lately.

"Lesser" classes of Forerunner, eh? Interesting... ;-)

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