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July 24, 2003

Kodos ( writes:

There has been a little confusion over wether Flood infest living or dead specimens. For the most part, it seems to be the Dead, but, if we listen to the crazed marine, we hear that they "took the live ones". Perhaps this Marine just went unnoticed and got lucky? Or perhaps not.

Perhaps as time goes by in the game, the Flood are regenerting.

Think, they have been stuck in Halo, with no Food for what? Centuries? Eons?

Starvation weakens life.

Perhaps when they first came out they where weak, and only able to infect living things, but as time went on, and as they became more "alive" they learned(remembered?) to infect dead bodies as well.

And, given a choice between fighting to infect a live body, or simply waltzing over an infecting a dead one, well, I think the decision is obvious.

And as for evidence for them being weak when they come out, keep in mind, it takes a while before they start using projectile weapons. Thankfully they never learn(remember?) to use vehicles

Flood in Warthogs? Very scary ^_^

Scary? Terrifying! Also, that's an interesting idea about "waking up" and remembering more sophisticated ways of spreading. Imagine if the Flood had more time to organize themselves. ;-)

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