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July 24, 2003

Rose Shiflett ( writes:

Yesterday, while playing through Assault on the Control Room on the normal difficulty setting, I had reached the control room's outermost entrance. And was attacked by the two Hunters, however, instead of using my pistol, I used the assult rifle and fired at their exposed backs. What happened was shocking, after having downed the two hunters, I saw the telltale sign of Flood presence, however there were no flood. Instead I discovered that when shot in the back with the assult rifle, the Hunters spout their own orange blood, and the green flood blood. Glitch? or is that telling us something?

Well, there has been some speculation as to why the Hunters aren't represented among the Flood's warrior class. There's also the fact that the Hunters remain aloof from their Covenant counterparts in areas such as the last valley in Two Betrayals. Might be a connection. Or, might be a limited number of blood decals available in-game. ;-)

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