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July 24, 2003

Here you go, Story fanatics. Dive in. :-)

Bob Cringle ( writes:

Hey I was reading some of the other post on the story page and what if the Forerunner were actually water breathers. Think about it! The control is in a canyon that seems to be snowing all of the time. What if there was a malfunction in the environmental systems and really the snow is supposed to be water so that the Forerunner can breath. And also the Silent Cartographer is a piec of tall rock n the middle of an ocean. If that doesn't sound relistic then what about if the flood were origninally supposed to be allergic to water ie. if the went in it they would die. That would explain my earlier comments. That would also explain why the flood containment facility is a swamp (possibly a recently dried lake) Also that would explain why the entrances to all the major centres are underground and have well sealed doors. Another thing that I think goes along with my theory is that there is an opening in the top of the Silent Cartographer that an aircraft is able to fly into. Coincidence? I think not. Anyways thats just my 2 cents.

What if thats the reason Earth is covered in so much water? Mabye the forerunner dropped us here because they thought we would evolve into water breathers as well. Also mabye thats why the covenant (who might also be decendents from the Forerunner) look so different from us. Mabye the originall Covenant are actually water breathers.

The 'Forerunner seeding the galaxy' concept fits in nicely with this.

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