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August 7, 2003

Humanity's relationship to the Forerunner has been questioned and touted a great deal in our hallowed halls and lofty pages. At this stage in the game, direct evidence is still scarce, but signals and signs are abundant. For example, early backstory for Halo mentions Human colonists discovering seemingly indigenous Human settlements on distant worlds; a powerful conglomeration of races wants Humanity exterminated for a reason that has few satisfying, foreseeable options; the various biblical parallels involving both the Flood and "Ark theories" provide ample history; John and other's almost tacit knowledge of Forerunner interfaces; at least one inspiration for Halo's story sees Humanity in the position of descendant in relation to a mysterious, enigmatic race; 343 Guilty Spark's highly ambiguous commentary portends a presence and background we have not yet fully conceived.

In this post by Ace we are, as with most speculation, presented and left with more questions than answers, but with a little fiendish editing for brevity and focus...

Earlier I posted about the "Class 2 Armor Thing." After reading a couple of reply posts, it hit me. Like a flood tentacle, right in the face. THAT ARMOR! WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF MASTER CHIEFS ARMOR?? Try and bear with me, I feel a rant coming on. Everybody has been talking about how guilty spark recognizes the [human] armor: the armor was taken from forerunner technology, the armor was copied from covenant technology, etc. But we're missing something HUGE here.

The covenant possess nothing which they have not stolen. To quote the prophet from The Flood: (Prophet, to an Elite, talking about Mjolnir armor) "The technology underlying the armor you wear came straight from the forerunners. To say that it is in any way inferior [to the Human-made Mjolnir] verges on sacrilege." (p. 95-96)

Think about it. The covenant are religious zealots, but they don't worship the forerunners themselves, its the TECHNOLOGY they are after. The Covenant have created an entire religion based on pillaging and making use of this technology. EVERYTHING they use, from the Covenant Battlecruiser to plasma rifles to a grunt rebreather mask, is directly from the forerunners. Meanwhile, the humans make some decent reactive body armor and reverse engineer a shield system. Our equipment is barely on par with a Gold Elite. WHY THE HELL would guilty spark pick out Master Chief as forerunner [or as Reclaimer, whatever relation that may have to the Forerunner] when he's got an entire Forerunner tech Armada flying rings around his giant ring!?

...Don't you think he would be a lot more familiar with them instead of us pesky humans?

The Master Chief and Mobuto do have at least one thing in common, and given the assortment of supposedly familiar gadgetry wielded by the Covenant, armour or tech do not seem to be the necessary requirement for 343. Whether Humanity's ultimate role is that of heir, servant, prodigal son, exile, or favourite child, this post suggests again, with a certain bluntness, the specific place of importance Humanity appears to occupy in relation to the Forerunner. Ace has more to say on this and other topics. Drop in and work it out :)

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