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February 4, 2002

Max also writes in with some theories of the Flood's necessity (which, unfortunately, don't involve turnips-though tomatoes may be a safe bet for the underlying metaphorical essence of his submission).

As far as Halo theory, I was always under the impression that the Halo only destroyed sentient life, as the Flood could only infect sentient life. If the Flood required the death of ALL life in the galaxy, then I think the Forerunner would just all out destroy them. A weapon (the Flood) that feuls on ALL life should be destroyed, by all accounts. The Forerunner aren't stupid (obviously). Since the Forerunner DID perpetuate their species, it's possible that they NEED the Flood, in some state, to survive. It's only when they get ahold of a host body that they truly become dangerous. And a host body must require sentience. Now, why the Forerunner WOULD need the Flood, I don't know... Maybe Flood are "cute" in their bacterial stage...


While 343 Guilty Spark does say at the beginning of Two Betrayals that "Any species of sufficient biomass and cognitive capability is a potential factor," it is unknown at this point whether the Flood can still infect non-sentient hosts. If the trees on 343 Guilty Spark are any indication, the answer is likely yes, which means that Halo would still need to be able to destroy nearly all forms of life (except perhaps bacteria, which, if I recall my biology class correctly, cannot be infected by viruses. But I'm not sure, so if I'm wrong, by all means, point it out). So then the question remains: why did the Forerunner not simply destroy the Flood outright, if they were so dangerous as to warrant a network of weapons so powerful as to reduce all life in the galaxy to unicellular organisms. Quandries indeed....

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