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September 17, 2003

Karlos Garcia ( writes:

I want to point out something that I think is interesting and that fits in very nicely with the whole 'covenant are a collection of conquered species' theory. Every weapon the Covenat uses is plasma based except for one....the needler. Why would the Covenant issue this gun to infantry units if it is projectile based? Why do they use this weapon and how and where did they get it? the Covenant obviously view such weapons as inferior, as is evidenced in the book, The Flood. Early in the book when Captain Keyes is barely being captured, an elite says "Projectiles. How primitive." or something along those lines. His comment is in regards to a human pistol he procures from a dead UNSC guy. Besides all that, the needler is not a very effective weapon. Its difficult to think the needler being very useful against elites, humans, hunters, or even jackals or brutes. But what about grunts? They are very slow and don't have a whole lot of athleticism at their disposal. Plus, they don't have the kind of armor that hunters have or the shields that jackals posses. Maybe the weapon was originally used by one of the Covenant species against grunts. Or perhaps, the grunts themselves used the weapon against different grunt tribes or clans competing against each other. Perhaps the armor that the hunters use and the shields that jackals have were developed to defend against this weapon. Elites may not have as much need for these kind of countermeasures because of their high level of speed and athleticism. As far as the needler coming from the Forerunner, that doesn't seem to make sense since the needler seems so different than everything else the Covenant have and anything that's found on Halo. Its also interesting to note that at least some of the grunts don't seem to be too thrilled with their low position within the covenant caste. If you've read The Flood, you'll know what I mean. It makes more sense that at least some of the different races that compose the Covenant were absored into it against their own will. If that's the case, then it would also make sense that those races would also bring some of their cultural baggage into the Covenant, and that includes weapons technology. It is said that everything the Covenant posses they have aquired from other isn't possible that some of that stuff coud've come some races within the Covenant, not just the Forerunner? I'm not sure, but this could also bring up some interesting ideas about the fuel rod gun the hunters use.

I think it's especially interesting that both the needler "needles" and the plasma pistol overcharge have the ability to track a target. It's not the weapon itself that maintains the lock, the projectiles (or plasma charge) seem to do it themselves. Any thoughts on this, people?

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