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September 17, 2003

Robert Corregan ( writes:

Ever consider the possibility that the Flood are the Forerunner? Think of it. The Flood built the Halos as places they could hibernate in without being discovered. Then they built the Monitor and Sentinals to guard the facilities. (Now hear me out.) The Flood then try to take over the galaxy and failed because there were more advanced civilizations(human and covenant ancestors). They started loosing and retreated to the Halos and started to hibernate. The few remaining ones, with the Monitors assitance, activated the weapons. The advanced life in the galaxy was destroyed. They all hibernated because of lack of food. The Monitor became rampant and then started to hate his masters. The humans and Covenant became dominant again and found Halo. It could also be that is way the Monitor says "I'm so happy to see that some of them reproduced."

Well, 343 Guilty Spark is insane, no doubt about it. He's certainly had a loooong time to twist his original purpose into its polar opposite.

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