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September 17, 2003

Keith Jackson ( writes:

Maybe there is another classifaction of the Flood. The parasite may actually lie dormant in the host. The host poses no theat and undergos no change, yet. This could be the true reason for the Flood. Possibily the Forerunners made these flood type originaly as the weapon. The host would carry the flood back to the main race or planet, for humans earth and the other planets. The other forms of the flood were just experiments gone bad. If my theory is correct there was only one type of this parasite/host flood shown in Halo, the Sergeant. The Sergeant died numerous times, but still always come back. I believe these Flood keep rebuilding the cells of whatever is lost in the host when it dies. Which would mean this flood couldn't die while still in the host. Need me to simplify? The sergeant will die when he gets back to a human planet because the flood will unleash itself, and the sergeant is techinally dead now because the flood was the only thing keeping his body alive, and now its gone from him.

The Sarge, a willing agent of the Flood? Noooooo!!!

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