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September 17, 2003

Following that, Joshua brings us a nice possibility for the early history of the Covenant. The word of the day is apparently "xenophobe." ;-)

Joshua Baecker ( writes:

My feeling is that the ?Covenant? was made only by several species in the actual Covenant. This religious agreement seems to be where the Elite class of warriors (and perhaps the Brutes and Hunters as well) have elevated the Prophets as bringing the gods to earth. Its like having Christ?s apostles walking the earth every day telling you what you are and aren?t doing right, according to Christ?s vision. In some ways it?s a perfect form of voluntary slavery. My feeling is that the Prophets cemented their control of this confederation by demonstrating the technology of Halo for the other species currently in the Covenant, and telling them that they were bringing them this technology, as a gift of the Gods. If they did this at a time point where it possibly saved the Covenant from some other enemy that would explain their xenophobic nature towards humans, as well as how the religious fervor of the Covenant began. (For any who don?t like this I refer you to Frank Herbert?s Dune which gives you a phenomenal view of how a person can manipulate religion and politics to become a god among men.)

While it's often the case that the kind of speculating we do around here gets dismissed as far too complicated for the backstory of a video game, remember that this is a Bungie game. What Joshua's got here is just the kind of stuff we'd be likely to find in the Halo Story Bible (curse its mocking, sheltered existence!).

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