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September 17, 2003

In pondering the conundrum of the Flood, the Forerunner, and the Covenant, CJ has come up with an interesting theory. Imagine that the Covenant come from (or believe that they come from) a world that was "seeded" by the Forerunner, after the time of the "last catastrophic outbreak" of the Flood and the resultant firing of the Halo system. Discovering, at some point, that their history was due to the benevolence of the Forerunner, they develop a fanatical xenophobia, thinking they were the only ones that were "saved" this way by the Forerunner.

CJ Russell ( writes:

The covenant view humanity as an "affront to the gods" because of their apparent survival DESPITE the firing of the Halo, not knowing that we were once Forerunner.

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