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September 22, 2003

There are three things that are never satisfied; four that never cry "Enough!"

Life maintains a strange sense of surrealism even now. I would not trouble you with the marvellous details, but at least one small factor is certainly the recent absence of a computer in the household of the new Mr. and Mrs. Finn. A problem on the brink of solution, but for now, the mailbag still lies neglected. Neglected, and yet it gains.

Undaunted by this, however, has been the speculation on a number of topics in the forum, not the least of which has had to do with several snippets and glances gleaned from the recent Bungie X03 convention footage.

Though it doesn't all leap out at you yelling and eye-gouging, there are several subtle doses of new footage and interesting commentary throughout by several of the B-boys.

Early on, Joseph Staten talks of Jason's claustrophobia-induced story development for Halo 2 (2:15 and on); one scene in particular "which will go down in the untold lore of Bungie". After describing a scene of "horrible betrayal" where "Miranda strapped a bomb to the Master ChiefĂ­s back and shoved him down a hole", mnemesis and I frantically compared notes. Who is this Miranda? A new character? A Marine? Another Spartan? Or perhaps merely a more direct reference to Jason's apparently rough break-up around that time? Hmmm... "that might have had something to do with it." Then again... maybe not.

More hints are also dropped regarding the terrain and locales we will soon be facing, "from the ruins of Halo to these ancient Forerunner facilities in the atmospheres of gas giants" (6:16 approximately). A moon base, a gas giant facility, war-torn Earth, Halo's drifting remnants, and a/the Covenant Homeworld. The list grows steadily longer.

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