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September 24, 2003

Okay, this last one is a biggie. Deep breathes, everyone. Ready, set, cogitate!

Karlos Garcia ( writes:

Where to start. In regards to Wado's theory involving the Flood. I think that there are certain universal principles by which mother nature operates no matter where one may be in the universe. One of the more important ones is that there must be balance and order in any given ecosystem. You cannot allow any species to be so successful that it consumes most, if not all, natural resources. This is exactly what the Flood-the ones in the game-do. They consume all. That totally goes against what is in the best interest of mother nature. It makes more sense that the Flood are an unnatural phenomenon as opposed to a natural one. This certainly serves to support Wado's theory that there may have been an ancient, super intelligent, form of the Flood. Another possible scenario though may be that the Flood are a natural phenomenon, but didn't evolve anywhere near the Covenant, Forerunner, or humans. Maybe they resided in some very foreign and weird ecosystem that had effective, natural contermeasures to limit the growth of the Flood. Some kind of poison or extremely foul odor to keep the flood away. Maybe the flood weren't exactly at the top of the food chain. In fact, it would be in the best interest of the Flood to have something to limit thier growth because if they ate everything then there would be nothing left to eat. It is very intriging though to ponder why the Flood need a host with such a high level of IQ...

Another aspect of Wado's post talks about how maybe not all of the Halos fired the last time Halo 04 fired. At the very beginning of 2 betrayals, the monitor is elaborating to MC what Cortana already told him regarding Halo's true purpose. He says: "This installation has a maximun effective radius of 25,000 light years, but once the others follow siut, this galaxy will be quite devoid of life,..." What exactly does GS mean when he says "once the others follow suit"? It could be that once Halo 04 or any Halo is fired that all other Halos automatically fire as well. Or could it be that once Halo 04 or any other Halo fires that it serves as a siganal to all others to "follow suit" and fire as well? This would mean that all Halos fire independently of each other. I think that the latter scenario makes more sense. Think about it. Your the Forerunner. You only want to fire Halo's final weapon if it is absolutely necessary. Every Halo is monitored by AI constructs independent of each other (remember how GS says "I'm the monitor of installation 04"). It is very possible that after tens of thousands of years of complete isolation, some AI's might go rampant and use Halo's weapon recklessly. So why design all halos so once one fires, all of them fire? It could lead to a completely unecessary catastrophe. It makes you wonder what the other AI constructs monitoring other Halos are like.

As far as Forerunners populating other worlds in hopes that they would be safe from the Flood and destroying their technology to prevent the Flood from using it just in case they got infected, well I don't quite understand what the logic would be behind that. Why have the humans totally forgotten thier forerunner roots? And what about evolution? How does that whole process tie in with this? Anyways, enough about Wado. On to Bob Cringle's comments on the same day.

About the whole 'Forerunners were water breathers' thing,....I find that hard to believe. Lets look at the proposed evidence supposodely supporting this hypotheses:

1. There is no evidence at all that even suggests that the area surrounding the control room is experiencing a system malfunction that is causing the weather to be so cold.

2. About the flood containment facility being surrounded by water. This seems interesting at first, but this is quickly refuted by the fact that the flood actually get into the water at the end of this level. Nothing happens to them. According to Bob's hypotheses, the flood may have been originally allergic to water. But he doesn't eloborate at all about how the flood may have evolved to adapt to water, a hugh hole in an argument that already seems to be falling apart.

3. About why the earth is covered by so much water. This doesn't really mean anything. Its not like we're the only organism on this planet that needs water for sustainment of life. Every organism needs water. Just look at Mars. That planet hardly has any water and we havn't found any life there yet. In fact, there are many many other organisms on this planet that need water a hell of a lot more than we do. Ever hear of fish? There are god knows how many different species of fish and other kinds of organims that need to live in water. How come there's nothing in the fossil record that indicates humans or our ancestors ever needed water to breathe?

4. The silent cartographer. Well this bit of evidence definitely seems rather irrelevent in light of what I've already said.

Okay, now for my idea regarding the relationship involving humans, Covenant, and Forerunner.

I tend to strongly favor the 'forerunner seeding the galaxy' theory. To support this, I want to bring up something that I havn't heard yet. Human beings are upright walking, bipedal beings. At the moment I can't think of another species on this planet that has that particular feature. The development of this feature in humans marked a hugh change in the course of our evolution. Now, look at the covenant. What's one physical trait that elites, hunters, jackals, and even grunts to some extent share with humans? Another thing that we share with covenant is a high level of IQ and self awareness that no other species is capable of. We can ponder our own life, our own death, what comes after death, what the purpose of life is, etc. We seem to definitely share the same range of emotions and they seem to be just as susceptible to the pitfalls of humanity as us. They are capable of good and evil deeds; arrogance; ignorance; as well as racism (caste system) or other forms of unfair prejudice and discrimination. The point that I'm trying to make is that there are so many similarities between covenant and humans that its highly unlikely that we evolved independent of each other. There have to be some common ancestors. If our DNA is like 97.3 or 99.7 per cent (I forgot) identical to that of gorrilas, then imagine how similar human and covenant DNA may be? We certainly seem to share more in common with covenant.

One more quick question completely unrelated to everyting I've been talking about: does anyone know if there is any chance in hell I could get my hands on any of the marathon games? Never played them.

Lots of good stuff to chew on in there. Nice work, Karlos!

As for that last question, go here (on order now, hopefully to be restocked), and here (look through the downloads area on the right - if you can't find anything useful, look again ;-)), and lastly here. And you better read everything here. And by everything, I mean everything. :-)

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