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September 24, 2003

Does Forerunner tech door size matter, really?

Lori ( writes:

We can tell by 343GS's behavior in relation to the flood's outbreak that the Forerunner have (or had) very different views on the disaster. While humans and covenant panicked and treated the situation as one of the direst of emergencies, 343 simply followed protocol and lead MC to the solution. I don't believe that a species that feared for its own existence would create an AI that could act in such a leisurely manner during this emergency, nor do I think that they would be willing to construct a weapon that would wipe themselves out in order to control a single outbreak (In quoting 343, "...this galaxy will be quite devoid of life, or at least any life with sufficient biomass to sustain the flood...") thus, I believe that the Forerunner: A.) Dwell outside of our galaxy, where they would not be vulnerable to their own "security mechanism" B.) (This may be a little stupid) Do not have sufficient biomass to sustain the flood. It is (barely) possible that the Forerunner are simply too small to interest the flood, and are thus impervious to Halo's mechanism. which is why they were able to so easily study them and, through their studies, discovered the threats that a massive outbreak could pose (perhaps infected lifeforms would be hostile towards the Forerunner in the event that they left the ring and infected entire planets). But this theory can easily be struck down by observing the Forerunner architecture. Doorways and hallways are constructed needlessly large to accommodate tiny beings. Control panels are positioned in such a way as to be convenient for humanoid creatures, roughly 5'6 or higher. On the other hand, note the absence of large stairs. Overall, most of the evidence points to theory "A," so I'm simply going to stop rampantly speculating and shut up.

We've had a number of submissions that mentioned the size of the hallways as evidence of the Forerunner's size, but remember, there are a few small doorways, too. The elevators on AotCR spring to mind, as do some of the doors on Silent Cartographer. Regardless, I think the "dwelling outside the galaxy" idea is much more intriguing. Wouldn't it be easier to contain a rampantly virulent organism inside of one (or more) manufactured facilites, rather than monitor an entire galaxy?

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