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September 24, 2003

How would we do against the Flood without shields? Ever think about that? Al has.

al -Ghost- moraleta ( writes:

I was playing Keyes and I wondered why the majority of scripted Elite corpses are the Stealth Elites. You'd think you see them the least, considering that they are invisible in combat.

So, I conducted an experiment. I set the difficulty on Easy and selected Two Betrayals as my mission. After that, I kept as many Flood alive as possible at the final Flood VS Covenant battle to see if they would engage the Stealth Elites. So, after everyone was dead except the Flood I had protected (Ya don't hear THAT phrase everyday...) and the Stealth Elites, I observed in a Banshee. The Flood easily engaged the Stealth Elites while they were invisible.

Then I selected Keyes. At the beginning of the mission, I picked up the Active Camo power-up. I danced around the Flood, and they didn't respond. They only attacked me if physically made contact with them.

So, because of this, I believe the Flood's sensor stalks can see visually and by tracking thermal signatures. In FoR, it states that the MJOLNIR armor can adjust it's temperature to mask itself from thermal imaging. I think your shields may be involved in this. I know FoR doesn't state that the shields assist in the thermal masking, but bear with me, I'm hypothesizing. Since the Stealth Elites sacrifice their shields for invisibility, they are probably still visible through the Flood's thermal imaging, thus making the Stealth Elites as vulnerable to infection just as Grunts and Jackal's are.

But, since you still have your shields active even while you have the Active Camo power-up, the Flood don't see you.

Evidently, we've improved on existing Covenant technology. Nice work!

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