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September 24, 2003

As much as there are those who feel very strongly that time-travel as a plot device is not an acceptable choice, Bungie has used that particular treatment to great effect in the past, and, judging from our mailbag, the speculating public feels that it's still worth looking into. So, off we go! ( writes:

...Guilty Spark says: "Why would you hesitate to do what you have already done?" We all know that this implies that the Master Chief bears some semblance with the original Reclaimer. Now I ask you this. What if the Master Chief is the Reclaimer? Stay with me here. I've never played the Marathon games myself, but I've heard and read enough about it to know that Bungie was keen on having the characters, or at least Durandal, find ways to time travel. In fact, from what I gather they really seem to like that type of plot twist. So, what if the Master Chief, say, in Halo 3 or so, ends up going back in time for some reason or another, to find the last great Flood outbreak already in progress? He ends up on Halo again, or some could say for the first time, and becomes the original Reclaimer by retrieving the Index and firing off Halo's weapon. The Flood outbreak of 100,000 years past is halted, and the resultingly cleared galaxy makes way for the rise of Humanity and the Covenant. I could even go so far as to say that may be why the Forerunners were wiped out in the first place, as they may have been outside of Halo when the blast occurred. Maybe, the radiation from the shockwave was what originally jumpstarted humanity's rise to sentience. Interesting idea, no? It's a feasible explanation of why GS seems to know the Master Chief, because he really does. The Master Chief just hasn't gone that far into his own history yet.

Interesting. What with all of the allusions made in-game to the ancient history of both the Halo and, to a lesser extent, the rest of the galaxy, it would be a shame not to go back somehow and see how events transpired, if not actually have a hand in them. The Lord of the Skies may take some convincing, though. ;-)

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