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January 8, 2002

Flood/Halo Theories.

The Ark Theory

This theory assumes that the Forerunners are our ancient, technologically advanced, human ancestors. Like our legends of Atlantis, or maybe they existed before earth living on many different planets INCLUDING earth.

Human civilization has waxed and waned many times on earth. Why not in the galaxy.

it seems logical that humans (Forerunners) ages ago encountered the Flood, and created the Halo in a last ditch effort to save themselves...and succeded, and only a pocket of humans were spared, on earth...the others constructed the Halo sacrificing themselves to stop the Flood. Making the Halo a kind of reverse "Ark"!

Instead of building an Ark to hold the humans/animals...they built an Ark (Halo) to hold the Flood...Ironic (in a Bungie kind of way).


Lots of stuff here. Mmmm...
Cortana certainly seemed to be a bit more..."eccentric"...when she was connected to the Halo computer networks. And she also got that red glow in her eyes, which is just plain creepy. Rampant? Perhaps. The world may never know....
The "Ark Theory" in particular is interesting: it seems to be appearing everywhere, including from quasi-"official" sources. Because of the high number of instances of this theory, and its high-profile beginnings, expect more on it soon: we're planning an entire feature on it!
For now, keep coming up with interesting connections/theories (no matter how outlandish). I'm sure there are more out there. :)

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