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October 27, 2003

Savant Suykerbuyk ( writes:

I have heard lots of people discussing/debating on why 343GS supposedly has all this power over the flood and the resposibility of their containment, yet he does not use it. Perhaps the Forerunners decided that extreme measures would not need to be taken unless there was a Reclaimer. After all, the flood only remain as spores unless some outside input like say, a downed human ship, which would in turn provide the danger of the flood escaping, AND providing a Reclaimer. Just a thought.

Interesting hypothesis. As long as no one shows up at Halo, there is no possibility of the Flood escaping. If someone shows up and lets them out, that person (thing?) is responsible for assisting with the required "containment protocols." Pretty harsh justice, if you ask me.

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