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October 28, 2003

Considering that we received this piece of mail from a young man just leaving for basic training, I find the contemporary parallels stunning.

devin hallsworth ( writes:

i seem to be asking more questions than anything here but how do we know that some human ship didnt just stumble on a covenant world and commit a blasphemy or do something that would remind them of a prophecy? imagine this, your the covenant, your whole society is staggering in decay and corruption as the religious bonds that united your races begin to be questioned, then one day this little starship comesby.

inferior technology, just a singlespecies organization and supposedly nowhere near strong enough to repel an invasion by your assembly of peoples, you stage an accident or something say mabye bombarding a peaceful planet back into the stone age and blame it on the humans. this would solve economic problems by using unemployed and illdistributed resources to build a warmachine, it would also solve sociological stress by giving the people a common goal. it would also give a validity to a religous prophecy that you could use to justify your power to wage war.

If religion united your entire empire and was an integral factor in its citizens every day lives then if you could fake evidence pointing to the humans as a devil and then give your citizens the purpose of destroying evil in the universe by destroying humans then you would have all the power you need to save your civilization from stagnation.

either that or mabye the people in the covenant just have their minds programmed from the day they were born either through actuall tampering with brain tissue or possibly just simply pounding religious ideals into their heads every day of their lives and killing those who dont correspond. a good example of this is in one of alan dean fosters series called the damned (just look up alan dean foster on amazon)

Stagnation. With imagination continually being shirked in order to better focus on stealing technology and artifacts, the lack of ingenuity in the Covenant society could become a gangrenous wound. Or at least something we could point at, and then, when they look down at it we could smack them in the nose... Yeah, that would be good :)

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