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October 28, 2003

Diego Pezua ( writes:

Guilty sparks to me is just a rampant AI that is out of place in halo, like he was left behind and abandoned. I doubt the forerunners would make such a perfect intallation knowing that their AI in charge would go insane in a couple of thousand of years. he treats the Forerunner as distantly as he does the human and the covenant when he refers to them.

Their decision to keep samples of the Flood may have been in error; may their trust also have been misplaced when they selected/constructed their Monitor for the Installation?

To focus more on Diego's particular angle here, is it possible that 343 Guilty Spark's role as Monitor is a fabrication of his own mind? What if he was... just another Forerunner construct, abandoned in the Forerunner exodus/extermination. Is his assumed role a way to deal with the stress of being left on the Halo 04 by those he trusted? Hmm...

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