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October 28, 2003

We are all unique.

We are all individuals.

We very often receive multiple emails on a similar topic. Sometimes, however, they are so similar, you just don't know who to post.

Jeff Poole ( and Alexis J. Lojek ( and Sean Kelly ( write:

After reading this and rethinking about those three SPARTANS and the book, it occurred to me that in the E3 Realtime Demo, Sergeant Banks said, "When I asked for reinforcements, I didn't think they'd send a SPARTAN." I am going to take this as a clear statement that either the SPARTANS weren't all killed off on the ground assault at Reach, or that the second set of SPARTANS trained by Senior Chief Petty Officer Mendez (was he a CPO or SCPO?) made it!

Being that the Covenant assault on Earth takes place some time after Reach, word would have circulated if the SPARTANS had been killed. Also, the fact that the Master Chief is simply referred to as a "SPARTAN" rather than "the Master Chief," alludes that there are more than one SPARTAN still alive! If the Sergeant had said instead, "When I asked for reinforcements, I didn't think they'd send you!" then we'd know that there were no more SPARTANS, but from the looks of it, there is another group of SPARTANS out there other than the MC.

"...maybe the last SPARTAN", "for all he knew", " least one of them..."

Bungie's gentle way of saying hint-hint, wink-wink, say no more :)

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