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October 28, 2003

Ancient stepping stones, weathered arches, and tiny geometric carvings

Martin J. Duffy ( writes:

Perhaps the grunts were enslaved because their swampy home world had Forerunner artifacts on it; in îThe Floodë Yayap has a dream where heìs running back to his hut on his methane covered world and he mentions that he climbs across îancientë steps.

"Ancient steppingstones" actually (page 60). Though this may not be enough to conclusively deduce a Forerunner presence on the Grunts homeworld, it is worthy of pause and consideration. What could the lower caste races, and perhaps even Humanity, all have in common?

While recently rereading The Fall of Reach (for absolutely no reason in particular whatsoever) a number of things jumped out, P.166 being one of them. As Corporal Harland from Firebase Bravo on Sigma Octanus was scouting a depression the Covenant were interested in, he noticed that it was no ordinary sink-hole. "Arches had been carved into the wall", very weathered, and on the paving stones scattered about "were tiny geometric carvings"...

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