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November 4, 2003

Further comments on the Chief's repeated "intuition" regarding Forerunner symbols and technology.

Stevanowano ( ) writes:

It may also be possible that the physical and (more than likely) mental augmentations (such as the neural implant upgrade) done to the Master Chief enabled him to ascend to a state of subconcious awareness and tap into his repressed...well...Forerunnerness.

Does this mean that others as well may be able to utilize Forerunner controls? We never get a chance to see any other Spartans, or even Humans, use Covenant/Forerunner tech... well, except for the elevator on Halo 04's Alpha Base, and the Human usage of Covenant weapons, and Marines that pilot Banshees and Ghosts with ease, and Keyes' piloting of a Covenant dropship, and ... ;)

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