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November 4, 2003

Krachie ( writes:

It has been hypothesised by many before that Humans could be descendents of the Forerunner, one reason why the Covenant hate them so much. Whilst reading through Halo: The Flood, the following events caught my attention.

1. Chief says that he always 'feels' like he knows which buttons to press on Halo's control consoles and describes it as an instinct like the "fight or flight" response.

2. When the Chief gets into the long snow valley sections on Halo. He says that he felt a strong feeling that he was finally home. Another connection to the human 'instinct' (or should I say forerunner instinct) of being familiar with Halo.

3. When the sentinels first appear in the swamp, the marines first instinct is to shoot at them. Master Chief however says to wait and see what they do. This is a major change in thinking as throughout the Fall of Reach and The Flood he constantly is taught and uses the "kill now, ask questions later" maxim. Again this is another example of his instinct regarding Halo's technology.

These support the views that either humans are derived from the constructors of Halo OR that the Forerunner implanted information into the human psyche i.e. Covenant get the technology, humans get the knowledge to use it.

So, in the same way that Guilty Spark recognizes our armour as a Forerunner (or similar) derivative even though it is second generation (Mjolnir is based in turn on Covenant tech), can the Master Chief (or other Humans even) utilize Covenant tech more efficiently merely because it is, itself, based upon Forerunner design?

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