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November 4, 2003 recently posted a rather lengthy article (soon to appear in Edge magazine, for those who would like a hard copy) discussing the making of Halo and hinting at some of the progressions to expect in Halo 2. Jaime Griesemer gets quite a few words in edgewise...

In a discussion of favourite enemies, Jaime mentions the Flood Warrior with Active Camo found in The Maw's armoury. This, he says, "indicates that the Flood are intelligent, and know how to use equipment, and aren't just dumb alien monsters." Given. However, he goes on to point out that while they did not intend for the Flood to retreat and throw grenades (thus imitating Covenant tactics), the "AI was originally intended to be every bit as complicated as the Covenant, but we ran out of time implementing behaviours and they ended up being a lot simpler and straight forward... we didn't get a chance to develop all of the characteristics of the Flood that was going to make them not only different and very interesting to fight." What can be expected from the Flood tactically that has not already been exhibited? Ambushes? Further utilization of and adaptation to surrounding objects? The real-time infection of their foes? Hmmm...

Also dropped to the proverbial cutting room floor were more omni-parasitic centered embellishments: "Flood-encrusted objects" and heavily besieged Covenant forces. "We were able to do some of that, but weren't able to implement nearly as much of the environmental changes as we wanted. We wanted it to look drastically different." Now, just how different of a landscape, what is the exact nature of the Flood's atmospheric change, and what would these Flood encrusted objects be exactly... ?

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