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November 4, 2003

Matt Cannon ( writes:

ok so i read this book by William C. Dietz; it was called Legion of the Damned. it wasn't that good but had many similairites to HALO. the warriors were called TROOP II's. need i say more. but what interested me was the Hudathans (nicknamed geeks). they were also wiping out humanity across the galaxy. they also were very technologically advanced. but what intrested me was the reason for them attacking humanity. they were basically paranoid. there own planet's sun was going to explode, so they moved out of system. but since they were so paranoid, even though they are utterly invincible, they destroy all those that could cause †them harm †before they even have a chance to do so. the geeks have a lot of similairites to the covenant, maybe the same reason for attacking us. they also declared it† a religious war to make it "just".

I see we've done this before, Mr. Dietz :)

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