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February 6, 2002

Daniel Yuan ( writes:

In another e-mail, Alan Wu asked "what is [Mutated-Flood] Keyes doing on the [Covenant] ship?" My theory is that the Flood were planning on using him to pilot the ship. There are several reasons I speculate this:

1) Keyes is located on the bridge of the cruiser

2) Keyes form is very different from any previous Flood form encountered

3) Keyes is probablly the human who's most knowledgeable about Covenent technology.

The main gap in this theory is, 'why didn't the Flood infect a Covenent commander?'. Oh well, it's a start.

Do the Flood have enough intelligence to try to use Keyes to spread themselves? To borrow a line from an old movie: "Who ARE those guys?"

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