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November 4, 2003

An aging post by Brandon questions the nature of the relationship between the Covenant and the Forerunner's good creation. Why can't at least somebody get along with somebody else?

what we have learned about the covenant is that all there technology is based on the Forerunner, 343 gs and the sentianals are part of Halo and it is mentioned that they are part of the Forerunners technology, so if they are forerunner why were the covenant trying to destroy them? i can't figure it out, wouldn't the covenant like surrender to them, or join together?

Indeed. The Prophets would not risk damaging Halo 04 by firing at the Pillar of Autumn, and yet the Covenant readily dispatch the Sentinels. Were the Covenant themselves betrayed somehow or, as mentioned in a later post, are the Sentinels viewed as mere watchdogs; annoyances or tests to be circumvented for the greater good? And they wonder why no Covenant members were apparently trusted as a 'Reclaimer'...

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