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November 6, 2003

Trevor ( writes:

While playing through Halo I was often perplexed by the name given to the parasitic lifeforms known as the Flood. Why would Bungie give these creatures such a seemingly random name? After reading through different little speculations and how bungie enjoys bible references, it hit me. Maybe the Flood was not necessarily a part of the forerunners or even a creature found and studied, but really a method of wiping out the wicked developed by the Forerunners.

The nature of the Flood and the rapid growth of their population would indicate that their name is, indeed, apt. It would seem that Cortana got their name from the Forerunner databanks, but ponder this: The Forerunner, an impressive galactic (universal? ;-)) power, felt sufficiently awed by this parsitic species to name them as such. How about you? Think the Flood deserve such a title? ;-)

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