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November 8, 2003

343 Guilty Spark: manipulative historian or benign observer?

Cam Cowles ( and Dylan "elfum" Crawford ( write:

I noticed 343GS values records of history and past events very valuable. He says so on occasion in the game. He gabbles about how valuable the information on human history he aquired from the PoA was. Perhaps he sees these records more valuable if the subjects are terminated. Now my story tieing theory has a few assumptions.

1. There was a†somewhat small population of Forerunner†on Halo. I am also guess machines they made did the labor of building "Halo" for them.

2. 343GS betrayed the Forerunner population on Halo. Perhaps the Forerunner used sentiels or weather controls or the alike to kill the Forerunner.

I believe that perhaps 343 eliminated the Forerunner on Halo†so his records of their existance become much more valuable. He seems to brag about what he knows all the time in the game, but never goes very in depth into what he knows. He just points out FYI's here and there. He doesn't want to give away his precious records ;) Perhaps nothing interesting has come out of the Flood and he wants them to create a story for themselves then eliminate them as well (activating Halo) and then making another valuable history of an event.


343 Guilty Spark seems to me to be very similiar to Superman's "real" archrival, Brainiac. Brainiac was a computer/AI i believe created by Supermans father on Krypton. When people began to think that Krypton would eventally blow up because of a bunch of earthquakes and volcanoes, Brainiac said that it would not (even though he knew it would). Therefore, everyone died on krypton except for superman and brainiac (whose escape is simliar to 343 gs's after the credits). He also shares 343 gs's love for knowledge and how valuable it was; he would find out everything he could about a culture by befriending it and acting as a god, then destroy it so the information he found would increase in value. I guess you could call brainiac a "rampant" enitity. Maybe this means that 343 gs lied to the forerunner about how dangerous the flood really were, and then they were wiped out by the flood.

The Forerunner, wiped out through the deceit of 343 and his quest to manipulate further events to categorize and document? Possible, but I ask you, is his the voice of a murderer?

îExactly 101,217 local years,ë the Monitor replied cheerfully, îmany of which were quite boring. But not anymore! Hee, hee, hee.ë

Amidst the hectic arrival of his new "guests" he certainly seems to be up to something. However, like a cat, it is difficult to tell if 343 has us right where he wants us, or is simply full of complacent, ignorant bliss ;)

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