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November 8, 2003

CJ ( writes:

I've been thinking about how the Flood could be made to be less volatile or hazardous to the rest of sentient life. Quite a few strings have touched upon the potential "good" of the Flood, and whether or not their survival is simply the result of Foreruner sympathy (strange sympathy though,†to imprison an intelligent†species on a structure designed to starve them to death). Taking into account all that has been said about MC and his Reclaimer status, plus what we know about the Flood (and their all-consuming hunger)†I came up with a theory, and maybe I'm off on a tangent here, but bear with:

As a result of his augmentation, MC has "suppressed sexual desires", i.e., does not feel the need to reproduce. (In addition, simply trying to do so while inside of MJOLNIR would be awkward at best.) So my question is this: if the Flood were given robot bodies (or cyborg, if you will)†to occupy, ones that not only quenched their hunger for knowledge (via AI), but also contained them from reproducing so recklessly, would they still be a threat?

CJ, you've got spunk. A tantalizing possibility. But could the Flood's hunger EVER be satiated? I doubt we would be willing to turn over a SPARTAN to find out...

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