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February 7, 2002

There's been some speculation as to why the Flood can infect other species, like the Elites, and yet not infect the Master Chief. It's been noted that the Chief's shield was engineered from Covenant technology, thus seeming to make him at least as vulnerable as any of the Covenant species. Cannibal Harry, however, notes something that has been overlooked...

Robert Boggs aka Cannibal Harry ( writes:

Kinda surprised I haven't seen this, or perhaps I just skimmed over it. But the reason the elites can be infected and the MC can't should be fairly obvious. Even after the MC's shields drop, he's still wearing a suit that's been sealed against vacuum. The elites aren't.

I doubt even the flood can infect vacuum sealed containers without breaching them first.

Good point. Anyone want to try the secret "remove helmet" command and see what happens? ;-)

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