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November 16, 2003

Dylan Oldenburg ( writes:

At the end of Halo, 343 Guilty Spark is shown to be alive, in space. There has been speculation about what he will do now. After realizing that your plan to neutralize the Flood was successful, he would hold no grudge against you, being an AI. It may be against protocol, but the objective was accomplished, and he would quite possibly be grateful for avoiding what is an admittedly messy sacrifice: wiping out all life in the galaxy along with the Flood. My evidence for 343 traveling to Earth is this.Look at the third sound file. It speaks of an easter egg that didn't make it into the game, of 343 paying a visit to the Marine's medical tents, which are, of course, on Earth. Admittedly, it's just an egg, not a major story event, but do you really think that Bungie would put in an egg that contradicted what actually happened in Halo history?

Could be a subtle hint, or just plain tomfoolery. Either way, there is little doubt that 343 Guilty Spark will be showing up again in the near future, but just what his standpoint will be on the whole "you blew up my installation" point, considering that the objective of neutralizing the Flood was theoretically still accomplished, could be quite interesting.

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